The Virgin Suicides


Movie directed by Sofia Coppola. Cinematography by Edward Lachman. Gallery includes movie stills featuring Kirsten Dunst as Lux Lisbon, Kathleen Turner as Mrs Lisbon, Josh Hartnett as Trip Fontaine, James Wood as Mr Lisbon, A.J. Cook as Mary, Hanna Hall as Cecilia, Leslie Hayman as Therese, Chelse Swain as Bonnie, Michael Paré, Scott Glenn, Danny DeVito, Anthony DeSimone, Lee Kagan, and Robert Schwartzman.

Sofia Coppola won the 2001 Young Hollywood Award for 'Best Director' and also won the MTV Movie Award for 'Best New Filmmaker'. She was also recognized by the Las Vegas Film Critics Society and recieved a Sierra Award nomination for 'Best Female Newcomer'

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