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Movie Color Spectra - An Interactive visualization of color in a selection of beautiful and colorful films

Meaning of color in film

Up until the 1950's, film artists relied upon light and shadow to tell stories. With the invention of color film, cinematographers were not only able to make films beautiful and colorful, but it allowed new dimensions to set the tone and drive the story telling. Color is used to :
1. set the mood of the film and its characters.
2. draw focus to significant details
3. elicit psychological reactions from the audience
4. change of story arc or scene
5. draw attention to character traits
6. add multiple layers with meaning
7. create highly impressionable images and scenes that give the film its identity

The following are some common colors and there meaning and associations:-


High energy, passionate, spirited, desire, strenght, appetite, craving, danger, sexuality, heat, anger, war

Casino Royale 1967
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Joker  movie 2019
A Star Is Born 2018


confidence, friendliness, success, ambition, happy, energetic, flamboyant, warmth, generous

Renoir - movie 2012
Amélie (2001)
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Æon Flux
I Am Dragon


creativity, cheeriness, confidence, happiness, optimism, intellectual, madness, sickness

Blade Runner 2049
Moonrise Kingdom
Daisies - movie 1966
Big Fish
Amélie (2001)


productivity, idealism, spirituality, development, growth, health, nature, harmony, communication, prosperity, safety

Life of Pi
House of Flying Daggers
Amélie (2001)


truth, peace, calm, security, professional, reliable, trustworthy, integrity, cold, fear, depression, nervousness

Skyfall - movie 2012
Helter Skelter
Eyes Wide Shut


enchanting, mystical, mystery, wisdom, enlightenment, royalty, wealth, spiritual

Avatar Movie 2009
Lost River movie 2014
A Star Is Born 2018
Blade Runner 2049


feminine, friendly, kindness, sensitivity, compassionate, intuitive, sensual, soft, fun

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Memoirs of a Geisha
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Spring Breakers
Taking Woodstock


virginal, innocence, illumination, perfection, pureness, simplicity, clarity, precision

9 1/2 weeks
The Neon Demon
2001: A Space Odyssey
Forrest Gump


neutral, balance, stability, authority, conservative, uncertainty, gloomy, sad

9 1/2 weeks
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Black Swan
Daisies - movie 1966