Black Narcissus (1947)

Movie directed by Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell. Cinematography by Jack Cardiff. Gallery includes movie stills featuring Deborah Kerr as Sister Clodagh, David Farrar as Mr. Dean, Flora Robson as Sister Philippa, Kathleen Byron as Sister Ruth, Sabu as The Young General, Jean Simmons as Kanchi, Jenny Laird as Sister Honey, Judith Furse as Sister Briony, Esmond Knight as The Old General, May Hallatt as Angu Ayah, Eddie Whaley Jr. as Joseph Anthony, Shaun Noble as Con, Nancy Roberts as Mother Dorothea and Ley On as Phuba. Jack Cardiff won both the Oscar award and Golden Globe Award for Best Color Cinematography in 1948. Alfred Junge won the Oscar Award for Best Production Design/Set Design

Black-Narcissus-187 239 x 211

Color Palette