Crimes of Passion (1984)

Movie directed by Ken Russell. Cinematography by Dick Bush. Gallery includes movie stills featuring Kathleen Turner as China Blue / Joanna Crane, Anthony Perkins as Peter Shayne, John Laughlin as Bobby Grady, Annie Potts as Amy Grady, Janice Renney as Stripper, John G. Scanlon as Carl, Louise Sorel as Claudia, John Rose as Arthur, Stephen Lee as Jerry and Randall Brady as Cop. Released at a bad time, Ken Russell's 1984 film Crimes of Passion achieved only controversy among movie critics. However, it is a very entertaining light hearted film that casts a satyrical view on love and relationships. Kathleen Turner and Anthony Perkins put in excellent performances churning out dialogue that is bold, sexy, clever and witty. Dick Bush's neon-lit cinematography and the very colorful production design by Stephen Marsh provide a brilliant visual backdrop. Perhaps in an alternate universe, there may have been some awards for this cast and crew!

Crimes-of-Passion-076 1918 x 1039


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