Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets (1971)

Movie directed by Shūji Terayama. Cinematography by . Gallery includes movie stills featuring Hideaki Sasaki as Me, Masahiro Saito as Father, Yukiko Kobayashi as Sister, Fudeko Tanaka as Grandmother, Sei Hiraizumi as Soccer Team Captain, Keiko Niitaka as Midori, Akihiro Miwa as Maya at the Hell and J.A. Seazer as Longhaired Poet. Conditions have been better for the nameless protagonist: his grandmother is a shoplifter and his war criminal father and sister have an unhealthy, intimate relationship with the family rabbit.

Throw-Away-Your-Books-Rally-in-the-Streets-052 960 x 720 Throw Away Your Books and Rally in the Streets (1971). Directed by Shūji Terayama

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