The Good Shepherd (2006)

Movie directed by Robert De Niro. Cinematography by Robert Richardson. Gallery includes movie stills featuring Matt Damon as Edward Wilson, Angelina Jolie as Margaret 'Clover' Russell, Alec Baldwin as Sam Murach, Tammy Blanchard as Laura, Billy Crudup as Arch Cummings, Robert De Niro as Bill Sullivan, Keir Dullea as Senator John Russell, Sr., Michael Gambon as Dr. Fredericks, Martina Gedeck as Hanna Schiller, William Hurt as Philip Allen, Lee Pace as Richard Hayes and Eddie Redmayne as Edward Wilson Jr. The Good Shepherd was nominated for an Oscar Award for 'Best Achievement in Art Direction' in 2007. Also nominated by the American Society of Cinematographers, USA for 'Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases' and by the Art Directors Guild for the 'Excellence in Production Design' Award.

The-Good-Shepherd-121 800 x 340

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