They say hobbies keep you out of trouble. This one is mine. My name is Sheriden and I have had this site since 2006. It started off as a fansite and has evolved into so much more - A site that combines my love of color, coding, film, minimalist design and data.

The site has around 300 movies, and many features have been added over the years. Many of the screencaps have been tagged and in 2017 I added a color database that would sort individual screencaps by their prominent colors. I feel this gives users a means to study the interaction of color with mood in film.

The 4096 color database has approximately 20000 screencaps over 192 movies that have been tagged for inclusion.

The website is also host to all 25 James bond films. The most recent will be added when the film is officially released on streaming sites.

All screencaps are done by me, most of them manually using a modified version of VirtualDub and AviSynth and Free Clipboard Manager.