How do you take screencaps of Bluray movies?

All screencaps taken manually using AviSynth 2.5, VirtualDubMod 1.5.10 by Avery Lee and Free Clipboard Manager 4.00. Bluray files are ripped to Hardrive using EzyDVDHD

Can I use some of your screencaps for my newspaper, magazine, journal, blog etc?

I am not the person to ask as the copyright to the images belongs to the movie production studio or artists. "Fair Use" allows for exceptions to copyright infringement law where the work is transformative in nature and advances the body of art. It allows for use for editorial and educational purpose. The new work should not be for profit, only reproduce a small amount of the original and should not impact on the market of the original owner.

Can I request a movie to be screencapped?

I am sorry, I do not have the time to fill individual screencap requests. However, I am usually happy to take a look. If a film has some visual merit I may add it to my short list.